“ There is something irreverently charming about Diluted, in a way that is reminiscent of acts such as Faith No More or NoFx.  Their delivery on songs such as ‘Lose My Number’ and ‘An Innocent Onlooker’ is reckless in a purposeful way, simultaneously coming across as both passionately spontaneous and calculatedly intentional. “
-Kelly Mason, Chimera Magazine
“ It’s not very often I review bands that fall out of the extreme metal spectrum. Then again, Diluted is one of those hard-to-classify bands who are so fun, I can’t turn them down.” -Mike Marlinski, The Metal

“The range of talent showcased on this EP is impressive. From screaming heavy metal, to a beautiful ballad, there is something for everyone on this EP.” -Katrina Johnson, NYS Music’s “Hearing Aide”


“A dangerous and thrilling mashup of styles, Rochester, NY based Diluted is back with a new EP that’s so fresh, it burned my inbox on the way over… [They have], in 4 short songs, managed to show off at least 6 different styles of influence. They’ve also made me feel a range of emotions from anger to disgust to pain and sadness. The instruments are crystal clear and the recording quality is top notch.” -5 Skull Reviews
“‘Spintech’ launches into a driving bass line right from the jump, with active drums alongside a clean guitar tone. Mulligan’s voice appears composed on the off-kilter melody that offers a faint glimpse of things hitting the floor. A heavy guitar riff meshes with the arrangement and leads toward a harsher chorus that has a stomping beat reminiscent of bands like Slipknot. Despite the hard edge, ‘Spintech’ is an earworm that sounds like a metallized version of a 90’s pop song. “ -Roman Divezur, Rochester City Newspaper

Diluted are definitely a band that fails to weigh themselves down with genre labeling. After just a first listen, it should be pretty apparent to the listener that these guys have a variety of influences and have no problem just throwing them all in a blender to see what comes out.” -Mike Marlinski, The Metal


“Who is this group that promises nothing but good grooves and chaos? Diluted of course my dear friends! With their EP, Never Fit In, you will find yourself dancing and shaking more than the time you tried to reenact the bar dancing scene from ‘Coyote Ugly’!” -Steven Smith, NYS Music’s “Hearing Aide”


“The best songs on this five-track EP utilize high levels of energy that’ll make you want to mosh as if a weasel was shoved down your pants.” -Roman Divezur, Rochester City Newspaper


“I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about this album. It’s heavy, angry and most importantly fun to listen to. The only thing I hated about this EP was that it was an EP. Diluted are a fresh new sound during a time when most bands end up sounding the same.” -Derek Jones, Chimera Magazine


“This is what hardcore/metal should sound like on a mature level… I truly dig it [and have] been playing it non stop!” -Oz Asbjorn, Rochester Metal Booking


“The music is super accessible (in other words: chicks dig these guys), not entirely un-metal, scrappy and aggressive when it needs to be,” -Mark Bruno, Forged Metalzine